Sample action plan

quantumforblacklives · June 5, 2020

Each month, I will:

  • send emails to my city councillors and local representatives about disarming, defunding, and establishing alternatives to the police
  • donate to mutual aid and bail funds
  • read a book or a few articles on my reading list

In June, I will

  • talk with my colleagues about campaigning to remove police on campus. join a meeting about this if one exists!
  • watch and support protests!

In July, I will

  • organize a monthly reading group with my colleagues
  • schedule research talks over the next year with Black researchers

In August, I will

  • dedicate two weeks of my time usually spent reading science papers to learning about the history of racism in science and how western science upholds modern imperialism
  • organize an anti-oppression workshop for my department

In September, I will

  • reflect on the actions I have taken and re-assess my action plan

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