Emma's action plan

quantumforblacklives · June 7, 2020

Each month:

  • Send emails to city councilors and mayors about defunding and dismantling the police
  • Donate to local Black organizations and bail funds/fundraisers across turtle island
  • Read a book about Black history + resistance or police abolition
  • Maintain quantum anti-racist accountability group


  • Attend/support protests
  • Send emails to editors at quantum-publishing journals about refusing to publish “quantum supremacy”, “ancilla”, and military-funded work
  • Connect with Science for Peace to deepen anti-military work


  • Thesis writing, including detailed suggestions for an anti-imperial physics


  • Develop & run discussion on militarism in physics & its connection to global anti-Black racism


  • Run code of conduct for physics research groups workshop
  • Reassess plan & write a new one as I will be in a new city & university. aim to engage deeply with new research groups’ code of conduct, connect with/- Rupport Black student orgs, disability orgs, and orgs building structures to replace police.

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