Carolyn's action plan

quantumforblacklives · June 7, 2020

Each month

  • Make a donation to one local and one non local fund to support Black lives
  • Write to Mayor/city council/regional board about defunding WRPS
  • Try to stay up to date and support other political projects as they arise with phone calls/letters/emails, and encourage the people around me to do the same
  • Continue to support community and education around anti-racism in STEM through FemPhys


  • Virtual FemPhys reading group to read and discuss articles about race and racism in physics, also articles/books from decolonizing science reading list
  • Try to restart meetings of IQC Equity committee
  • Identify and support any campaigns to remove police from UW campus


Identify and read resources on anti-racist parenting Reassess action plan when baby arrives

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